Hot Stamping Machines
  Diverse Applications

Thanks to its superior application machinery, state-of-the-art foils, and exceptional tool-making capabilities, KURZ has become a leading supplier of hot stamping technology.  Whether used in the production of automotive parts, household appliances, home entertainment products, credit cards, packaging, or furniture, KURZ machinery and foils are helping to decorate a wide variety of surfaces around the world.


KURZ's application equipment has been expertly designed to provide optimal performance in a wide variety of production processes. 

For example, our stamping machines can be easily adjusted to accommodate all types of hot stamping foils, as well as an exceptional assortment of shapes and substrates.  Thanks to their modular design, many KURZ machines and handling devices can be integrated into automated manufacturing processes.  They can also be easily coupled with injection molding, assembly, and packaging machines.  In addition, KURZ supplies a broad spectrum of reliable machinery for stand-alone operation.


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