Company History
  • Founded by Leonhard Kurz as an enterprise for the production and marketing of gold leaf.


  • The world's first vapor deposit stamping foil using real gold was invented and patented by Konrad Kurz. Main industry applications: pencils, bookbinding and the hat industry.


  • LUXOR/ALUFIN® - introduction of vapor aluminized hot stamping foils. Field of application: Graphics industry


  • COLORIT - pigment coated hot stamping foils


  • Carat,Dukat- hot stamping machines for gilt edging. Manufacture of KURZ roll-on stamping machines begins (for picture frames, radio/tv and automotive industries).


  • Expansion of KURZ stamping foils into plastics industries (Alufin SLM for radio/tv profiles and the automotive industry).


  • First company owned sales offices open in Australia and Japan


  • Production established in USA, with facilities today located in North Carolina


  • Exterior chrome: first external application of hot stamping foils for automotive emblems and radiator grilles


  • Expanded development of the KURZ hot stamping process- Hinderer & Muhlich silicone products (stamping plates, rollers and tools) and vertical stamping machines


  • Creation of new design line for stamping foils used in radio/tv and automotive industries: wood look, brushed inishes and unicolors


  • First KURZ heat transfers


  • Introduction of KURZ Inmold foils (brushed aluminum)


  • Magnetic hot stamping foils: Data storage on bank books, airline tickets, credit cards


  • First Insert Molding foils for the automotive industry


  • TOUCHWOOD® - transfer finish for the furniture industry


  • Extensive work on the development of of visual structure foils (Hologram, TrustSeal, Kinegram)


  • Commencement of mass production at Sulzbach-Rosenberg in Germany


  • Expansion of the OVD-stamping foil production


  • Launching of the first Asia - Pacific plant in Malaysia


  • Acquisition of the OVD Kinegram Corp. in Switzerland


  • Hinderer+Mühlich expands its program by using  CAD - engraved metal stamping plates for use in the graphics industry


  • Production begins at Hefei plant in China 


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