Brilliant highlights for the Graphics Industry

With its foil product families LUXOR/ALUFIN®, LIGHT LINE, COLORIT®, and TRUSTSEAL® as well as Holograms, KURZ, who has been a competent partner in the hot stamping field for many years now, is able to offer two comprehensive design product families to meet the needs of both processors and designers.


Packaging means adding value. Enhancing the product and its packaging separates you from the competition. Where products and contents are becoming increasingly homogeneous, the incorporation of hot stamping foil in a package design will greatly increase the product's shelf appeal thereby attracting the buyer's attention.


Consider the packaging currently used in spritis, cosmetics, and certain food packagings. Metallized hot stamping foils from KURZ, in gold, silver and a variety of colors are available for use with many products.

Whether high value cosmetic packaging, spritis and certain food packagings, the range of applications for the graphics industry is bound only by your imagination. KURZ foils are engineered specifically for the demands ranging from small to large volume production.


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