The Benchmark for Quality in Packaging, Graphics, Security and Product Protection Worldwide

KURZ is a major international supplier of hot stamping technology.

The company has more than 4.500 employees, as well as 9 production facilities located throughout Europe, the United States, and the Pacific region. It also has 24 international branch offices and 70 distributors with the ability to provide full-service solutions that match the requirements of each individual customer.   
KURZ hot stamping foils are utilized on a wide assortment of products. These include packaging, greeting cards, electronic devices, household appliances, cosmetics, textiles, furniture, automotive parts, and numerous other items. KURZ's state-of-the-art application technology, magnetic foils, and holograms provide effective and attractive brand name protection, as well as increased security for businesses everywhere.
In addition to foils, KURZ offers a wide range of other products such as stamping tools and machines. It also has the expertise and logistical support necessary to satisfy all the demands of effective, high-volume foil production. In addition, the Kurz customer support team is on standby at all times to respond to the needs of customers around the globe.  


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Garnet Close, Greycaine Industrial Estate,

Watford, Herts WD24 7JW

E-mail: sales@kurz.co.uk

Tel:  01923 249 988
Fax: 01923 252 516

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